Im sick of people talking crap about blake griffin, saying "all he does is dunk", its simply the most idiotic arument ive ever heard, how does a player that only dunks have a career average of :

21 ppg 11 rpg 3.5 apg .8 spg

how? explain how a player that can only dunk can average 21 points in the NBA for his career? if this was possible, Deandre Jordan and Javale Mcgee would average the same stats right?

Thats more asssits than CARMELO ANTHONY has averaged in his entire career

and dont you people consider Carmelo to be a "superstar" (magically so, as he has never had a team finish higher than 6th in any conference and has only passed the first round ONCE)

Blake Griffin is destined to be the GOAT

do you know the last power forward who averaged 20 and 10 as a rookie was? TIM DUNCAN

it hasnt been done since Blake entered the league. this guy hasnt even peaked yet, do you people realize this will be his 3RD NBA SEASON?

my goodness

if his name was Lebron im sure you guys would be riding him right now, but because hes featured on sports center because of his amazing physical ability, he can only dunk


He makes baskets that other players at his position cannot physically do:

tell me he can only dunk

you know how long it took kevin love to average near 20 and 10? till his 3rd season

blake accomplished this feat in his ROOKIE SEASON

you know how long it took dirk to average 20/10? i dont either becuase he never did it

hands down, this guy is the best powerforward to ENTER this league since Tim Duncan, without question

and i bet you clowns will soon say "blake is just a product of chris paul"

all chris paul has done is impede griffin from realizing his true offensive potential as a facilitator , griffin's usage percentage, minutes, and assists dropped last season due to cp3's impact

but his fg% also rose

but he still managed to average 20/10 + for his second consecutive year

you know how long it took dwight howard to average 20/10+? 4 seasons

Blake did it his ROOKIE YEAR

and you dare call blake overated? you dare say he has no post moves an can only dunk? hahahahahahha

imagine if blake was blessed with a great center to play with like how TD had when he entered the league, i bet hed have a ring by now already

while blake may not be the best pf in the league, he is undoubtedly a top 3 pf(behind love and dirk) and a top 10-12 player

this guy is the ultimate offensive player and he hasnt even come close to reaching his potential. i could make the argument, that he could have been a 23/12/5 type player by now had the clippers not acquired cp3 and ran the offense through him

this guy is the epitome of greatness and should be praised just as much as KD and DR have been praised

you guys give so much praise to a clown like james harden who averages what? 16 points? and plays with 2 superstar calibur players who create space and open shots for him, but when blake griffin plays with cp3, and a bag of chips, blake sucks and is overated right?

oh and a player that averages 16ppg for 1 season is worth max money and would instantly make someone a contender if acquired?

how amazing

in a league where you have clowns like joakim noah who makes 12 million and couldnt even average a double double last year, makes 12 million next season is called a "great front court player" and brook lopez is a "top 5 center". Blake griffin is overated and can only dunk