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    I love Halo, it's the best game out there right now (arguablly). Though not to nit pick but there are a couple things that bug me about it.

    When you're playing online and it shows your stats at the end of a match and ranks you 1-6,8 whatever mode you're playing.

    I'll admit, very rarely am I #1 but it kinda bugs me how they score it. My stats are typically around 9-18 kills with 5-15 assists give or take. To go along with that I'm usually around 4-9 deaths. In any case I pride myself on getting many more kills/assists then deaths. My stats in a typical big team 8 vs 8 slayer match are usually something like.

    12 kills 8 assists 6 deaths. Which usually puts me anywhere from 3rd place on my team to 6th place normally. With these stats i'm I'm about a +14 kill/assist to death ratio.

    Then you have a guy who has 26 kills 4 assists and 16 deaths get the number 1 spot.

    My point is the game teaches people to just run around and kill as many people as they can vs get kills but also not get killed to often in the process.

    I have a hard time swallowing the fact somone can die 14 times in a single game and yet get the most points for the match.

    my 2nd complaint is how they show your character between game play matches. They feature what you're rated such as a 3, 23, 60, ect, but all this really tells anyone is how little/alot they play the game. A guy could be a 75 but still suck. They should feature you're kill/assist rate to deaths. Right now I'm at a 1.33. Yes I know you can go to their service profile and find the stats out yourself but why not feature them? Instead of featuring how long they have played the game?

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    Aug 2010
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    I didn't have fast internet for a couple of months but now that I do I've really gotten back into this game. Easily my favorite game right now.
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    Hadnt played in a month but jumped on yesterday. I love the throwdown playlist. Makes it feel like the old halos

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