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    Jul 2010

    Mario Williams considering wrist surgery

    According to WGR550, Mario Williams is considering surgery for his wrist.

    The question is, is his wrist truly preventing him from playing?

    Or since he is playing like crap, he is using his wrist injury as an excuse?

    Either way, this is just another miscalculation by the Buffalo Bills front office. Good Job Nix, you buy all these defensive players, but theyre all hurt now. Then you hire a defensive coordinator who is teaching them to play like crap.

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    I believe he had the surgery today. I'm hoping this is actually the issue and he plays better.

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    Jun 2009
    is he going to miss any playing time or play through the injury in a cast?

    Leafs, Raps, Jays, and Bills fan!

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    Jul 2010
    Apparently he will be able to play against Houston. I thought getting surgery was a ploy to miss the game against them. He didnt want to get manhandled like he has been all year, especially by his former team who gave up on him.

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