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I'm sure it doesn't hurt that Towers is their GM as well.

I was against acquiring him at first but I'm beginning to reconsider. He's 5 tool player who had a monster year last year, a good year this year while battling hand injuries all season, and is controlled through 2015 for a very affordable price and he's only 25. Plus we could really use his speed and another right handed bat in the lineup.

If even one of our outfield prospects ever pan out to be as good as Justin Upton I'd be ecstatic. The only thing I fear is that a potential trade will cost us a lot of our top prospects since they're mostly in the lower levels. Would a trade of Tyler Austin, Manny Banuelos, Corban Joseph/David Adams, and Francisco Cervelli get it done? ray:

...or Upton and Skaggs for Cano and Adam Warren + a filler?
Just trying to think outside of the box. Something I find interesting is that their manager, Kirk Gibson, recently made comments suggesting the Diamondbacks should be interested if AROD is available. I don't think it's likely but if Cashman somehow managed to orchestrate a deal that ends up with Upton in pinstripes and AROD in Arizona I'd do cartwheels nonstop for a week and then promptly buy him a steak dinner.

UPDATE: They're listening on Trevor Bauer because he's fallen out if favor with some in the organization. How about Upton and Bauer for Cano + Tyler Austin + Hughes/Nova/Phelps/Banuelos/Nik Turley + Francisco Cervelli + a filler? It would be awesome if this could happen.
That second trade was closer, but you need to consider what the DBacks are looking for. A third baseman, and possibly an outfielder. They need prospects that are ready to go, and though we have some pretty good specs, I think other teams can offer much better players.

Why trade the farm for 2 players anyway? Upton has attitude problems, and apparently so does Bauer, who wasn't impressive at all in his time in the majors. I'd pass on this trade.