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I want Mike Trout. But have no idea how we can get him. It's easy to say I want player X, but we don't have the pieces to get him. Hell, I trade Cano for Gordon. But I don't feel like that is enough.
The Royals would most certainly want something around Phil Hughes in my opinion. To which point the Yankees would have to get creative and build a package from there since a team like Tampa could offer better pitching.

Another more realistic name for the Right Field vacancy is Shin-Soo Choo.

The Indians are likely to go into a fire sale (Buster Olney mentioned this in an article today) and they too are looking for young pieces.

Choo is not on Gordon's level, especially in WAR but he's productive in his own right for sure.

On the Free Agent Market we have Ichiro and Hunter who seem like the most reasonable players available.

A lot of ideas and a lot of players can be had to fill in for Swisher. Gordon tops my charts (like I said before) and everyone else follows suit.

Im happy with whoever the Yankees acquire. (So long as it's not Randy Winn, Nick Johnson, and Javier Vazquez )