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The addition of Vitt is nothing but positive.

First of all, it puts Kromer back 100% with the offensive line and running game, which has been awful! It's hard to believe one person, Nicks, made that much of a difference in running effectiveness. Everyone in the run game is too soft. You have to have some thug in you, some attitude, to run the ball.

Second, the Saints' biggest problems on defense are:

Connecting the personnel to the scheme. Adding another football mind who is familiar with our personnel is great to help meld the two. Plus, maybe with his time off it gave him time to see or think up something, from an outside view.

Tackling. Vitt will also bring in more attitude which goes a long way in being the most physical team on the field. The Saints' defense lacks fundamental arm and hand strength, which is showing up big time in their (lack of) tackling.
First of all, Thugs don't play football, they are afraid of getting hit! Running the football is an ATTITUDE and that starts in training camp! Plus I've already address that our Oline is built around the Passing game!

Secondly, you are HOPING that Vitt has learned something from afar(like I've said also) that he would bring in adjustments. Not!

Thirdly, adding another football mind my azz! Joe Vitt has been here for years coaching the Saints defense, and for years 100% of the Saints bloggers on here have had and still have concerns of that defense. Joe Vitt hasn't made a difference back then and he won't bring one now! Don't bring up tackling dude, Joe Vitt was here too thru all those horrible tackling years and guess what? He's still here and he's coming back! Lol, yep...Vitt is coming back with Scott Shanle being his captain/leader in his scheme!


Look, just put me on record....
Joe Vitt ain't schit! Any adjustments made and ALL games that are won will be bcuz of the veteran leadership that's already establish on this roster by Sean Payton!