Here I am watching the last few out of the NLCS and it just kind of dawned on me that the Giants are now making their 4th trip to the WS since our last trip to the WS in 88.

I started thinking that anybody who is 24 years old or younger, has never seen the Dodgers in the WS.

I then started thinking about everything baseball since 1988, and it just made me realize how long ago (as a suffering Dodger fan) 1988 seems to me.

-Every NL team except Cubbies, Milwaukee, Mont/Wash, Pitts and us have been to WS since 88.
-Every team in baseball except above mentioned, Seattle, Balt and KC have been to WS since 88
-Every NL West team has been to WS (Az, SF both winning) have been to WS since 1988
-Every MLB team in California has been to WS but us since 88
-Teams in our town, Angels, Lakers, Kings, Ducks, UCLA hoops, SC Football, Galaxy, even the Sparks have all won titles/championships since 1988
-Dodgers have had 7 mgrs since 1988
-Dee and Clayton were both born in 1988
-All 4 expansion teams (Colorado, TBay, Az, Florida) have been to WS, and Marlins has won twice since 1988
-It seems like the great HR chase of 98 with Sosa and McGwire was years ago, but it was actually 10 years AFTER 1988
-Reagan was still in office
-Only Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium (since re-modeled), Wrigley, Fenway, Kauffman in KC and Oakland Stadums are still in existence since 1988

....the list can go on and on...but when I look at things in baseball years, it seems like forever since we have celebrated the Dodgers in the Fall Classic