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Who said you have to be an expert to be a fan? I just starting getting into sabermetrics in this past year or two. I didn't know nearly as much about baseball as I do now when I first starting posting on PSD.
Well that's my point though... Baseball is definitely not my first choice as far as my favorite sports go. Do I watch the games and follow the Mariners? Of course.

And I've got a relative grasp of the statistics and such things, but 1. not nearly as much as guys like you Brodie, Ian, Jej, etc. do, and 2. it's basketball and football season, two sports which have my attention more than baseball does currently.

I've always posted in the Mariners forum, just not like I do in other forums due to my lack of knowledge and lack of interest compared to the other sports. It has nothing to do with me liking the Mariners or the M's success. And I still follow everything you guys talk about in the offseason thread, just don't post in for reasons I've already mentioned.