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Thread: MISC thread

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    Jan 2010
    Seattle, Washington
    I read this when it first came out. ****ing awesome, thanks for posting.

    Best defense in the league!


    Seattle Seahawks Real Salt Lake Utah Jazz Seattle Mariners

    Quote Originally Posted by FWBrodie View Post
    I wanna convince a girl to put on a Russell Wilson outfit so I can just plow her into yesterday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FortDetroit View Post
    since the lions suck...i am adopting the seahawks as my rooting interest for the remainder of the season. love your team. go hawks!
    Welcome! Megatron and Optimus Prime can be friends.

    What What!!

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    Feb 2012
    Moffitt is amazing. That guy is just too nice, it's so ****ing scary.

    I also love how Rob always quickly shout outs "Russel Wilson sighting" when he sees him, you could tell people really like Russ.

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    Jul 2007
    Seattle, WA
    In one of the earlier ones from this year Sherman talks about the NCAA and how they need a union for the players. Can't remember what specifically he said, but it cracked me up.

    "King Felix has hurled more mega quality starts since 2010 than 14 entire MLB teams."

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    Feb 2009
    Living in calgary I got to watch Browner lots. He was good in the CFL. He is AWESOME in the NFL and only getting better.

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    Dec 2008
    Where the smog meets the shore
    Great read.

    The cameras don't often cut to Bradley on the sidelines,
    Funny because I was just saying this to my wife during the last game. Kinda annoying he doesn't get the attention that even some sub par (but big personality) DCs get. Like Rob Ryan getting face time for being Rex's brother, not for being any better than most DCs.

    Seahawks' line looks like the "wide nine" everyone talked about with the Eagles last year, except it actually works.
    So true. In Philly they have the talent, but not for a wide nine system. They tried mashing guys into roles they shouldn't play. Seattle line has the right skillset for that approach.

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    Feb 2009
    What is the RRR ?

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    Feb 2009
    Okay just googled. Got it

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    May 2007

    Betting Help

    Alright, so I've been in a pool all year. The way it work is, every person puts in $20 to start with 10,000 points. Every week you must put at least 100 on four different teams. That's the only guideline... So for example, I'd have to put at the very least 100 points on for seperate teams four a total of 400 points that week.

    So, out of the 80+ people there are only 20-30 or so left... I'm in 6th with 30,000 plus. It's getting pretty right now, and I want to get as much help as I can get, with $1000 or so on the line.

    The tricky part is that it's against the spread. This week I wanted to put everything I have on one team to double up and possibly take the lead, but I'm not sure which team to put it all on. So, any help?

    I'm leaning towards possibly the Saints or the Packers to cover.

    Texans		3		LIONS
    COWBOYS		3		Redskins	
    Patriots	6 1/2 	        JETS	
    BENGALS		8		Raiders	
    Steelers	1		BROWNS	
    COLTS		3		Bills	
    Broncos		10 1/2 	       CHIEFS	
    Titans		3		JAGUARS	
    BEARS		6		Vikings	
    Falcons		1		BUCS	
    Seahawks	3		DOLPHINS	
    Ravens		1	        CHARGERS	
    49ers		2 1/2 	       SAINTS	
    CARDINALS	2 1/2 	       Rams	
    GIANTS		2 1/2 	       Packers	
    EAGLES		2 1/2 	       Panthers

    Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Colin Kaepernick walk into a bar... To watch Russell Wilson win the Super Bowl.

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    Ian. Guest
    If you lose, you're done?

    I like the Browns +1 but I couldn't see putting $1000 on the line for it.

    I think you're safest with Atlanta -1.

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    May 2008
    The one spot on this entire defense we could use IMO is a pass rushing linebacker, but I'm not dissatisfied with this group either.

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    May 2008
    I think the big thing is most of us remember a couple years ago when Red got injured and our run defense went from 5th to 20th or something. He's integral. His job is to blow up the edge of the offense. Any time you see that outside lane blocked, that's all Red. It's a big reason you don't see a lot of guys run to the outside on the Hawks. That 49ers game where we got stomped on, I felt that was most Mebane/Branch's fault, but sometimes you're going to get beat. The 49ers have a beast *** O-line. Top 5 in the NFL IMO.
    Last edited by ztilzer31; 11-21-2012 at 02:41 PM.

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    Seattle4Ever Guest
    Linebackers are one of the least important positions in our defense though. I'd like to see Alec Ogletree or a LB added, but if they go after a receiver or defensive lineman I know why.

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    May 2008
    I agree. A linebacker would be a perk, but come draft day we got to be looking offense. Mainly a more consistent right tackle, a good TE, and a WR with speed.

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    Nov 2006
    Fife, WA
    Steelers -1 all day. Coming off a tough loss and Vegas overreacting to Batch starting. Bears at home appeals to me as well. Again coming off a loss, at home, they'll be focused. Ponder is a deadman. Colts probably crush the Bills at home.

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