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Angels just traded Morales to the mariners for Vargas.

Man I remember when there was the big is Vargas a bad pitcher or not debate here in the mid season trade thread lol

But I feel like the angels could have done much better honestly. I don't think morales is a future all star but I think he a pretty good quality bat. Probably good for a solid OBP and 25 home runs

Vargas is kinda like the Wii while other pitchers are like 360/PS3. There's nothing wrong with the wii (Vargas) but he comes up short in other areas that the 360/ps3 are better. Very underwhelming compared to what they probably could have gotten
Ive always liked Morales.. Put up good numbers until destroying his ankle..
It answers the question of trading Bourjos or Trumbo.. Agree they should have gotten more..