Matheny and Mo said today that Matt Carpenter is to work pretty much this whole off season on learning second base. Today they also announced that there will be no place for Schumaker at 2B next season. This leads me to believe a few situations will happen.

1. Kolten Wong will be ready. He will become the starting secondman. Carpenter will continue current role as a LF/RF/1B/3B/2B leaving few at bats for Schumaker

2. Kolten Wong will not be ready. He will need time at AAA. Matt Carpenter will be starting at 2B a majority of the time. Skip will then become a 4th outfielder again. He will get starts in LF/RF/CF and become the teams number 1 pinch hitter.

3. Kolten Wong is ready. He becomes the starting 2B. Matt carpenter stays in current role plus time at 2B. Skip is traded to another team for a low level prospect, cardinals replace him with right handed hitting bench bat.

A few things to keep in mind:

We are losing a team leader with Berkman this offseason. Can we lose another by losing skip?

Kolten Wong is hitting .385 in 39 at bats in the Arizona fall league. He's taken no walks and struck out 5 times. 1 double. 1 home run.

We have a very left handed bench. We need to add a solid righty somewhere.