I don't understand why people got all excited when we re-signed him. He can't tackle, he gets run over by everyone, he can't pass defend, his reaction skills suck, he can't read a QB, he's always lost. I'll be at the stadium just focusing on him and he looks paranoid. He's always getting beat. He has the worst angles.He dosnt have football smarts and his size dosnt help him at all.Why not start Mitchell I mean the guy is a big hitter that can cause fumbles or drop passes and he can't be much worse than Giordano. I feel like this guy keeps us from being a better defense. Our defense will be good on 1st and 2nd down and on 3rd all I see is a deep bomb from a QB and Giordano miles away trying to catch up to the receiver. He kills the momentum. I don't mean to be negative after a win it's just stressful seeing this guy out there. Hes not even good depth.