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Amanti Edwards was a TERRIBLE trade at the time and has gotten nothing but worse. He IS NOT going to be worth the 33rd pick in the draft ever. Any arguement you can make loses a lot of credibility by supporting that trade. Especially where you say it may still work out. No it won't. Sorry. Louis Murphy is your answer at WR? I'm sorry but again that's not enough. This team just needed a couple guys that can run routes. Robert Meachem, Eddie Royal, Jericho Cochetry and even Plaxico would have made more sense than Lou Murph IMO.

Everett Brown wasn't a bad move and Otah just got unlucky. Obviously I was wrong about Clausen. My bad, that wasn't really a bad trade. Not sure why I thought they traded for him. I can admit I'm wrong. Lets see if you can with your Amanti support.

More evidence the GM should be fired is having 2 RB's that now seem below average to average at best on the roster taking up about $12-$14 million in cap space. You mention the Tolbert signing. I like him. Probably the best back on the team. However you say they got him on a budget. Not true, he got a nice chunk of cash...especially for a FB.

You bring up a bunch of "guys" the team signed this offseason. Sure some of those guys are OK, but they are just "guys". Having all that money tied up in average RB's and then spending big on another really killed any momentum this team could have created going into this offseason. How much better would Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks look on this team rather than Stewart, Tolbert and all those "guys" you mentioned look?

The 2nd sentence in my post said you might as well let the coaching staff have this year, so I don't know why ripped me so bad about saying the coaching staff should "probably" be fired. The team is 1-5, they probably do.
I definitely agree about the Armanti pick. Even if we had won the Super Bowl in 2010, Armanti wouldn't have been worth the 64th overall pick. He could've been drafted in the fourth and we'd have given up a lesser pick. I don't have much hopes for him, but I also can't judge him based on Hurney's stupid decision to give up a high pick for him.

As far as Murphey, outside of a couple of bad drops, he's been pretty awesome depth, and outside of Eddie Royal, none of those players would've been any better than Murphey (who was pretty costless-- 7th rounder). But like you said, he isn't a #2, just a slot guy for the most part. LaFell is showing strides, so I don't know that dropping a $60M contract on a WR was a good idea either, however Nicks would've been great for this team and we wouldn't have had to worry about him being against us in the division.

Everette Brown was a terrible move considering he didn't fit our scheme whatsoever. Otah while it was somewhat unlucky that he had injuries, he was also a fat slob who couldn't stay in shape.

In regards to the HBs money situation, I agree and disagree in parts. It's not Hurney's fault that the HB's aren't working; the OC is calling terrible run plays that don't benefit our HBs. If we were running some power-run plays I'd have no problem with the money Stewart and Williams got. I do however wish we hadn't brought in Tolbert, considering he isn't used at FB very often, doesn't help the passing game much, crowds the back-field (even more than before), and could've gotten a cheaper FB.

I'm not positive on how much Nicks was paid, or how much our FA's were paid, but if I knew we were going to abandon the run I would've preferred we dropped Williams' contract, not signed Tolbert, and instead picked up Nicks. We could've won the TB and SEA games with better OL play, that would have us at 3-3 at least. I'm not for overpaying in FA so at the time I was content not spending a ton of money.

With Hurney out as GM, we could potentially see the new GM find ways to kill a few contracts (Gamble, Beason, and Williams all have big contracts and are going to be coming off of injuries or underperforming seasons), then opt to sign big names in FA, not that it would necessarily be better.