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    Quote Originally Posted by 2009mvp View Post
    I don't know how else he could have fought against a guy who's twenty pounds bigger than him though. It's not like he was covering up and running late, he was throwing behind a strong jab all fight. The size difference was huge, you could tell if he stood there and tried to bang with Adamek he would have been in trouble. I guess that's a problem he just need to deal with though, he knows what happens when a natural cruiserweight moves up.
    Good to see ya back man.

    But anyway, Cunningham didn't have to move up, he did it because it was the only fight against a named opponent he could get. It was a gift that the promotional company put the card in his hometown even though adamek sells big in jersey of Chicago.

    It took 4 years for Cunningham to get the rematch with adamek, who has he fight since? How many times has he fight?

    This was cunninghams chance, go for the kill. He's hardly in the position not to.

    Rememer when Abril outboxed rios and got a bad decision? Who cares about Abril? No one, it was a borong peroforkamce amd he left it in the refs hands. Fans dont care, and no big names will fiht him anymore. you gotta know your place in this business.

    There was a time when Marquez had an incredible hard time getting big fights, he took chances amd brawled, fans noticed, he got the big fights, gotta do what you gotta do.
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    Canelo with the nice 7 punch combination

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