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1. i love Tannehill like straight on gay love him
2. i dont want Ireland gone and never have
3. i get alot of beef for liking Henne but i never get it for liking Ginn who i wish we still had even more than Henne4. ZT is awesome but not the best Lber of all time
5. Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain also awesome
6. i dont even know why Buffalo has a football team line made me laugh pretty good. i actually lived in Buffalo at one time unfortunately
7. the thought of Ricky Williams and Dan Marino at the same time made my face melt. my 2nd fave all time Dolphins player after Marino is Ricky Williams
8. vices are cigarettes, soda, peanut butter, and girls that say yes
9. i would never wear a superman shirt
Can't believe we drafted the Ginn Family over Patrick Willis or Darrelle Revis With that said, I was one of the ones pissed off that we didn't draft Quinn.