^^not coming at you directly but who would you like ro replace.

Gerald McCoy is the best defensive player we have. He stays, period.
Roy Miller has been credited by many, including those on this site, as a major reason the Defense has played so much better this year. Do you get rid of him? If you resign him, there is no DT need except for depth which is of course needed.

Clayborn and Bowers will be on the team next year. And theres a chance Bennett returns.
Clayborn is a stud and this was his second year, he stays 1000%.
So a good player like Bennett who is developing and a young stud like Bowers are not good enough going forward? I like both of them very much. You would be hard pressed to find a bigger stud than DaQuan Bowers, has potential to be elite.

Bowers gonna be rusty tonight hope hes rotated in with Te'o Nesheim to get back in the flow of things this week and prob. next as well. Should start in San Diego IMO

LeQuan Lewis was released, if anybody even knew he was on the roster lol