We can see that the league is very deep at the PG position right now, and there will likely be a few qualtiy PGs who just don't make it into the HOF. Likewise, there were a lot of great PGs in the early 90's that have not yet made it into the HOF. Mark Price and Tim Hardaway are great examples. But one of the guys I always thought was HOF worthy was Kevin Johnson. He wasn't much of a three point shooter throughout his career (though one season he did average 2.9 3pt shots a game and shot 44% that season, which was an anomoly for him), but he was a good shooter and finished his career shooting just under .500 from the floor and 84% from the free throw line. On his career he averaged almost 18 points a game, and 9.1 assists with a 3-1 assist-to-turnover ration. He got to the finals once and always had a strong showing in the post season. He only made three all-star teams (though I think most will agree he should have made more, but again, the league was very deep at the time. He was competing with Magic and Stockton for a spot on the team when he started and as his career progressed he was fighting it out with Tim Hardaway and Gary Payton (and Jason Kidd toward the tail end of his career) for a spot on the All-Star team). He won the MIP award, made the All-NBA second team four times and third team once (how he didn't make the All-Star team in each of those seasons is beyond me).

I think most people who got to see him play will agree that he is among the finest PGs to ever play the game. But I put the question to you; Does Kevin Johnson deserve to be in the HOF?