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    Why didn't Suh get a sack on Vick?

    Didn't know where to put this LFFS and LFLOL, feel free to merge this once I get my answer.

    So my question, when Vick fumbled the ball, he picked it up and starting took a few steps backwards before Suh tackled him, why doesn't that count as a sack? Not that it really matters, but I'm just curious to know. Do sacks not count if a QB fumbles and then gets tackled? Seriously don't know...

    At 3:30

    edit: there also doesn't appear to be anyone in the backfield, so they couldn't have called it a handoff, I guess... weird
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    "The way they play offense here is difficult for any quarterback," he said. "Every snap is an incredible decision. They're in a one-back offense, they can't run the ball against certain looks so they have to audible to some kind of a pass or a creative run to get away from trouble.
    "There's never a play in the game where Stafford can just turn around, hand the ball off and catch his breath. Every play he's researching the defense and they throw as much as anyone."

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