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And that's what's frustrating about the Yanks' offense. You know that many of the teams that play the Yankees will employ a shift of some sorts because they know that's where the ball is going to go, so why still insist on hitting the ball there? Like with Teixeira, he can see the shift, yet he won't hit the ball the other way. Guys in the league that hit for good average and get high OBPs tend to hit the ball all over the place, make the defense spread out and not anticipate where the ball will land.

And you can see it, too, with the way the Yanks' players were swinging: they still try to pull on the ball, even when the pitch was to the outside part of the plate. That's damn impossible, and if they did hit the ball, it went to either SS (for RH hitters) or 2B (for LH ones).
Don't know if you recall, but Prince Fielder (left handed brute of a man) came up with Miggy on second in Yankee Stadium and hit the ball the other way to drive in the run. Perfect example for Tex and the rest of the pull happy team.