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They're not trading the best player on their team, who they have signed relatively cheaply for the next 3 years, for a one year rental of Cano. What good does that do them? They're in a semi-rebuilding mode right now and 2013 isn't going to be their year with or without Cano.

Whether they can afford to sign Cano in free agency is irrelevant to whether they would make that trade. They can not make that trade and still sign Cano after 2013 if they want him that badly.
Well this is strictly hypothetical because these two teams never would make a deal like this, or at least highly unlikely.

But why do you keep insisting it would be a 1 year rental? BOS would obviously make the trade to build around Cano, not to just let him go.

Cano is very unlikely to make it to FAgency, so no, chances are BOS can't just sign him outright in 2013.