The start of the Jazz season is almost here!!!! Predict how you think we will come out of the gates............

Wed 31 Jazz vs Dallas - No Dirk, and we are at home with the opener, BIG Jazz win

Fri 2 Jazz @ New Orleans New Orleans has some nice peaces but no chemestry Jazz win

Sat 3 Jazz @ San Antonio be honest we never win in SA

Mon 5 Jazz @ Memphis Memphis is good but we always play well against them. JAZZ WIN!!

Wed 7 Jazz vs L.A. Lakers Jazz at home, Howards health uncertain, Laker chemistry???? We Hate LA BIG JAZZ WIN!!!!

Fri 9 Jazz @ Denver We usually spit our games with Denver

Sat 10 Jazz vs Phoenix PHX sucks

Mon 12 Jazz @ Toronto refer to the comment above

Wed 14 Jazz @ Boston we need to play better on the road to beat the better teams in NBA

Fri 16 Jazz @ Philadelphia We always play well against the 76ers

Sat 17 Jazz @ Washington Wiz are a joke

Mon 19 Jazz vs Houston Refer to the comment above

Fri 23 Jazz vs Sacramento Can Jimmer Save Sac? Nope I don't think so either

Sat 24 Jazz @ Sacramento Jazz thump them again in round 2

Mon 26 Jazz vs Denver Home revenge game

Wed 28 Jazz @ New Orleans see comment above

Fri 30 Jazz @ Oklahoma City OKC is a monster to play at home

Jazz start out 13-4