Why would The Yankees trade Phil Hughes? He may not be a #1 pitcher, but he is a legitimate #2 or #3. The kid is only 26, and his year this year wasn't as bad as people are saying. The gopher balls are more a product of Yankee stadium, but he can definitely pitch. The mandate is to drop payroll, sign Phil to team friendly contract, and keep Granderson. He was good enough for us to trade our top position prospect for (Ajax), so please don't tell me that he's now worthless. He needs to use all fields and that is a result of coaching. Remember Kevin Long tried to "improve" DJ in 2011, how did that work out? I know that players have to produce, but the coaches have to give the coaching and tutelage needed to produce. As far as Michael Bourne is concerned, he will not be in The Bronx. I can see Ichiro coming back and maybe taking a 1 yr flier on Torii Hunter but thats about it. I want the team to do with Melky Mesa what they did with Melky Cabrera: bring him up and let him play. Its time to get younger, and the best way to.do such is by playing your farm system.