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yes an OF full of slap hitters is what this team needs to win, who is driving them in?
Jeter, Cano, ARod, and Texiera should be doing that..

Or, maybe when the slap hitters get on, steal bases, then the other slap hitters, well I dunno, maybe slap a single through the infield, then they score.

See how easy that was?

Tried to include players that wouldn't break the bank, that would be realistic options, that would maybe actually improve this team. And if you went after one or 2 of these players, then traded away Granderson, would fit right in. None of those guys are costing a ton of money, they could be had. Plus, that would also mean Swisher is no longet here, so his money is off the books as well.

If you don't like my ideas, what would you suggest?