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Ummmmmmm....I thought Kesler did that for you in the run to the cup finals, he basically carried that team there until he got hurt. If I were you I'd be packaging the Sedins for some players that can handle physical play. If it weren't for Kesler you'd never have gotten by the Preds that year, I believe he had 11 points that series, second only to Bure in a nucks uni, and the canucks only scored 14 goals that series, so I'd say that was carrying the team. Too bad for you guys that he got hurt though because without him and the lack of production from the Sedins especially on the PP you were toast.
Maybe, but that's clearly in the past. We've discussed this topic to death in the Canucks forum so rather than throwing this too far off topic, I'll post a link to just the most recent discussion (from post 18 on) - http://forums.prosportsdaily.com/sho...=722926&page=2

Regarding the oft-quoted Kes stats from a few playoffs ago, you can't build a team around one great scoring season or 2-3 great playoff rounds.

Besides, who do we think Mike Gillis is anyway? Alex Anthopoulous?? lol