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They're going to have to. If they dont pick up a goalie via trade, bringing Scrivens up will only thin out what's left for goalie prospects. They really need to focus on forwards and goaltending in the next couple of drafts.
And Scrivens is deep on the back 9 to 30 years old. Goalies take longer to develop but the guys like 26/27 years old or so. You'd like to see him with a little more experience.

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An 18 page thread about Luongo proves we depressedly need hockey back
Truth spoken.

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This next draft should be a center in the 1st round and a goalie in the 2nd round.
We'll get hockey back by December or January and we'll play good enough hockey to draft between 10th and 13th but not good enough to make the dance. We have luck like no other hockey fans in the world lol. You kinda sit around waiting for something to screw up beccause we're so used to it.