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    Jerry Dipoto on the Jim Rome Show

    Here is a summary:

    -Excited about Hamilton and said he feels all the pieces are here now

    -Dipoto said the big game hunting is done for the offseason, but never say never to anything

    -Said he constantly spoke to Arte about what was on the market and a spark occured when they realized they could get Hamilton

    -It was either Greinke or Hamilton, it was highly unlikely they could have gotten both. He said it was not "either or", they just got lucky

    -Spoke about Arte Moreno and how competitive he is and how everybody in the organization loves him

    -Wants this team to get to the top of the heap

    -Talked about poorly fitting pieces on the roster being the reason this team had a hard time last season. Also said the bullpen was a big problem, but starters also did not provide up to their career norms.

    -Asked many questions to Hamilton about past problems, but Hamilton did not hide anything at all. He said Hamilton was one of the most genuine guys he ever met with. His honesty may be the reason the Angels wanted him so badly.

    -Said they have a good program to keep him clean. Also gave kudos to the Rangers for keeping him clean and said he hope this continues.

    -Talked about having a dry clubhouse and just doing anything he possibly can to help Hamilton, but also said he does not think the whole clubhouse has to be changed as Josh can handle it himself.

    -Josh is a well liked guy and is very genuine. Jerry did not worry at all about him negatively effecting the team or community, said it could only be positive

    -Last thing he said, "We are going to take care of Mike Trout at the appropriate time." Said he will cross that bridge when they get there and he hopes Trout is an Angel for life

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    That pretty much sums it up.

    OSU Beavers (Football):

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