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Where are we getting a 40 HR CF for 7 or 8M?

His average season as a Yankee - .247/.337/.506 36 HR 97 RBI

You are crazy if you think there is an OF out there that can we can sign for one year and 7 or 8M that would give the team those numbers.
you don't have to account for 40 homeruns, you just have to match the production value. what's the going rate for a guy who launches homeruns and strikes out at a 30% clip? it ain't 15 million. you can find a corner outfielder who does that in a junkyard. then move gardner over to center (i credit slinger with posting this idea, although i have had similar ideas as well). as for your second post, it's always better to clear money where you can and possibly allow you to make a move rather than tip toe around some luxury tax threshold forcing yourself to sign andruw jones on a year to year basis.