Expecting the Orioles to fade away after their surprise season? Maybe not.

Jon Paul Morosi reports the Orioles are targeting Josh Hamilton for their left-field opening. Hamilton is clearly the top offensive player on the market, but he also comes with significant health and off-the-field concerns. It’s a massive risk-reward situation, and if it works, the Orioles could team Hamilton with Adam Jones and Nick Markakis to form a strong outfield. Morosi also reports the Orioles are interested in Cody Ross to bring some right-handed balance in the corners.

Factor in the breakout year from Chris Davis, the arrival of Manny Machado and the long-term presence of Matt Wieters and the Orioles could be putting together a potent offense. Of course, that’s assuming they can afford Hamilton, and assuming Hamilton lives up to his extreme talent.

UPDATE, 1:45 p.m.: Speaking of left fielders, the Mets have come to some sort of agreement to buy out Jason Bay’s contract. The team just announced the move. That’s fairly stunning.
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