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This is why I want Hamilton. 2 years in a row he was so close to a ring, then this year he's basically booed out of Texas. Im not in favor of a 6-7 year deal but a 4 year deal I'd do in a heartbeat.
I agree with you. He would be a good addition. I too would not do a crazy 7 yr deal but a nice 4 or 5 deal for whatever the going rate. If people are worried about money. Swisher, Granderson and Martins money could and should all be gone.

you still can get some value out of Granderson and will not have to pay any of the contract,
As for Arod the superstar years are probably gone but he could still be a solid player. No way we get anything but screwed if we deal him. so keep him and he should have a solid year.