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    Quote Originally Posted by kevin13697 View Post
    After the fight Marquez was diagnosed by doctors as having a broken nose and possible concussion. He was in trouble in the fight before he landed that nice shot on the chin. A rematch would be very interesting.
    Usually when fighters go down, amd even when they just get there "bell rung" that's a slight concussion. Most people don't realize that.

    These guys get concussions amd are expected to fight on, crazy when you think about it. Some of these guys may get 2-3 concussions a fight.

    I remember when morales and barerra fought, I think the 2nd time, morales is against the ropes and gets caught with a right, his hands clearly drop, his head drops, and his eyes shut, and he begins to fall down.

    Out of no where his head pops up and he starts swinging back. He clearly was knocked out for a split second than came back to life. That was nuts.

    if you to the 4:00 minute mark, you'll see what I was talking about.
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    Canelo with the nice 7 punch combination

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