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    Off season wants /needs

    With us not having a game this week figured maybe we could go over this. Also discuss who you would like replaced. I know its way to early but heres a few things I'd like to see us get in the draft or FA market. I'm not 100% as to who all of our FAs are this coming off season but I know our first priority is num 1 on my list.

    !.Re sign Clady

    2.Mlb-I think this is a position we need to grab in the draft early

    3.DT-Wolf has been playing a lot of DE and Warren is a FA could prob draft 1 and sign 1

    4. RB-Mcgahee is getting up there gotta start looking for a replacement

    5.CB- can never have to many of them not sure if Harris is going to be a good starter but wouldnt mind having a back up plan for when Champ retires
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