I hate the way Arod is being disrespected by cashman. If anything cashman deserves to get fired because he's a terrible GM, the only reason people concider him good is because of the yankees big wallet.

The contract is what it is. Do you think Werth has been worth his contract? Crawfort? Zito? You dont think Pojuls will decline the same way Arod did?

Arod has given us two MVPs, a world series, and has carried this team year in and year out. He has ran into bad luck the last few years on top of his slight decline.
He had the labrum tear, which takes more than a year to get fully recovered and get back to your old form. He had the knee injury last year, which brough down his numbers and made him miss time. This year when he was starting to roll he broke his wrist.
Even with all of these injuries, he still had productive seasons, above average for a 3rd baseman.

I mean look at texiera the guy makes a couple of million less and is much younger, the guy bats .240 year after year and has been much worse than arod in the post season.
Granderson bats .230 and he wants a $100M+ contract.
As talented as Cano is this is the first year he hit over 30 Hrs.

I dont get why Arod gets all this hate.

If the yankees pay some of his salary and take on some contracts, any team would love to have him. He's still productive and if he stays away from injuries he might have a good year again. He'll be great for the younger players on a team cuz he'd help them like he helped Cano. Plus he draws so much attention from the Media and fans, if you're a team like the Marlins and Dodgers this is the perfect guy to get you all the media exposure.

I defenitely think he's being traded because they have purposely embarassed him. You dont pinch hit Chaves for him, you dont sit him down multiple times to play Chaves for him. Listen to all the experts, they're all saying that the yankees are a better team with Arod in the line up.

I think this is the biggining for Hal. George is gone and so will be the massive spending. Hal wants to lower the payrol and might just blowup the roster to do that.