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    Quote Originally Posted by Kings Analyst View Post
    Can't go wrong with either, but I'd say Good Kid Maad City is better.
    Halloween thread

    It really depends on your mood. If you want to listen to a story you got to listen to GKMC. If you want to mellow out then S.80

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    Wow that's such a tough decision, you can't go wrong with either choice ..

    I'll probably go Section 80

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    Quote Originally Posted by baller101200 View Post
    As of now, I'll go:

    1. Art of Peer Pressure
    2. Money Trees
    3. mAAd city
    4. Backseat Freestyle
    5. Don't Kill My Vibe
    6. Swimming Pools
    7. Poetic Justice
    8. Good Kid
    9. Sherane
    10. Compton
    11. Sing About Me
    12. Real

    That pretty much sums it up... except raise sing about me, lower poetic justice
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