Rockets get the best player in the trade and in a league where you need superstars to be good thiis is a good trade for the rockets. At first glance I hated the trade for OKC bc Kmart is a downgrade from James Harden, however I think Kmart could fit right into the system in OKC and be a guy they can afford to keep for the long term.

OKC also gets draft picks which are nice and Jeremy Lamb who could prove to be a nice role player for them this year and/or a nice trade chip down the line.

I also like how OKC did this trade before the season started so that they can have a full year to develop chemistry with their new players.

To sum it up....great trade for Houston and a good trade for OKC to get value for Harden, however their team might not be as good this season as they could have been had they kept Harden for year.