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I tried watching the Bulls several times and especially with out Derrick Rose playing, I could only bare a few minutes of it.
I watched the Celtics in the playoffs last year, this was the first basketball i had watched in my 19 year life....i'll never do it again


i really hope this lockout gets resolved soon (negatively or positively) i'm tired of updating my twitter to see if there's any new news and instead seeing mad hot chicks who probably don't know **** tweet the same thing:

If the NHL Lockout ends and then the world ends I'm gonna be pissed.

OMG! @NHL can we please have a season this year! This lockout is killing me

This one was my favorite:

The NHL lockout is because players who skate around after a puck think they deserve more money.. What is this world coming too? #pathetic

and then you get the "fans" saying boycott the league once they come back:

Send a message! Do not attend 1st #nhl game after #lockout Let them know that fans have a voice! RT #firstgame RT

Twitter....a place for stupid people