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I have heard from a number of multiple reports that a lot of inside people are saying that the first people in the offseason that Haslam/Banner will go after will be Michael Lombardi or Bill Polian for the GM position and then after that try to lure Jon Gruden back for the HC position.

Apparently it is being said that Haslam wants to bring in a lot of experience individuals in their roles and not individuals that it would be their first go of it in that position such as GM or HC.
I get the point of bringing in the experienced GM. That makes sense, and I know you are just repeating what you've heard, but former head coaching experience at the NFL level really seems to be irrelevant. Just take a look at some of the names from over the last 4 or 5 years that were hired as first time NFL head coaches.

Seems like, or are good hires:
-Harbaugh (both)
-Mike Smith
-Leslie Frazier (could still drop into the not so good)
-Hue Jackson (not given enough time)
-Joe Philban (still early and can easily change)
-Rex Ryan (probably better suited as a DC and not sure what happened here, but he's had some success)

Not so good:
-Jim Caldwell
-Mike Munchak (so far)
-Josh McDaniels
-Steve Spagnuola
-Raheem Morris

Some of my choices may be questionable, but I think the point is made that you don't have to hire an experienced HC. To get more specific, I really hope they don't hire Jon Gruden, Tony Dungy, Brian Billick, Cam Cameron, or Marty Mornhinweg, and there's plenty more names I could add to this list. That's just because I don't think they are anything special.

I'm on the outside looking in though as I don't get to watch every game being out of state. (the out of market games in Philadelphia are usually Pittsburgh, Baltimore and New England) Would you guys rather see a more offensive or defensive minded head coach?