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    Week 7: Bye - Open Thread! DISCUSS STUFF!

    Open thread for the bye week and upcoming games.

    I'll start off with some comments from Michael Turner to the AJC after the Raiders' game:
    Turner seems frustrated. He was held to 11 carries for 33 yards Sunday. Ryan covered half that with a 15-yard scramble. The teams rushing total: 45 yards.

    The Falcons have managed to tip-toe around this issue all season. It hasnt gotten in the way of them winning yet, but that seems inevitable.

    Ask the running back.

    Im not sure why its going like this, Turner said. Its great to be 6-0 and everything. But we cant just assume were always going to be able to get an interception or a last-minute field goal every time. At some point were going to have to run the ball. Weve got to be able to knock it in [the endzone].

    Turners runs by quarters: two for 12 yards, three for 12, three for minus-one, three for 10.

    Some of this lack of production is on him. He looks slow at times.

    Some of it is on the offensive line. It generally has been far better at pass protection this season than opening holes or getting any push. (It wasnt good at either Sunday.)

    Has Turner lost confidence?

    No. Im still here. Ive never lost confidence.

    Have the Falcons lost confidence in Turner or their ability to run the ball at all?

    You would have to ask them that. Thats not something they would tell me. Its their team, their scheme, their offense. Im just here to try to help them win.
    Everyone knew they were going to reduce his workload this season. Smith and Koetter said they wanted to get Quizz more involved. So I looked at the play-by-play chart from last game. Here are MT's runs (tackler in parenthesis):
    1st and 10 at ATL 45: M.Turner right guard to OAK 46 for 9 yards (P.Wheeler).
    2nd and 1 at OAK 46: M.Turner right tackle to OAK 43 for 3 yards (M.Burris; P.Wheeler). <===
    2nd and 1 at ATL 29: M.Turner left guard to ATL 38 for 9 yards (P.Wheeler).
    1st and 10 at ATL 38: (No Huddle) M.Turner left guard to ATL 43 for 5 yards (T.Branch).
    1st and 2 at OAK 2: (No Huddle) M.Turner left end to OAK 4 for -2 yards (R.Seymour). <===
    1st and 10 at ATL 21: M.Turner left end to ATL 18 for -3 yards (M.Shaughnessy). <===
    2nd and 4 at ATL 36: M.Turner left end to ATL 37 for 1 yard (P.Wheeler). <===
    2nd and 2 at OAK 2: M.Turner left tackle to OAK 1 for 1 yard (P.Wheeler). <===
    1st and 10 at ATL 10: M.Turner right tackle to ATL 11 for 1 yard (L.Houston). <===
    1st and 10 at ATL 20: M.Turner up the middle to ATL 21 for 1 yard (M.Burris).
    1st and 10 at ATL 36: (No Huddle) M.Turner left guard to ATL 44 for 8 yards (T.Branch).
    ^Notice how often he gets absolutely nothing on the edges (pointing arrows above). Then consider more than half of his runs went that way: A combined total of 6 carries for ONE YARD on outside runs. This is why over the offseason they needed to get another shifty change of pace RB who can get outside, to complement Turner's north-south style.

    They are asking him to do what they thought Quizz could do, but he isn't the answer either because while Quizz is solid on screens, he's still more comfortable running between the tackles. The offense will keep losing yards and putting themselves in tough down-and-distance situations if they keep trying to run outside without having the personnel for it.
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