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Sorry, but I've been looking at the same stupid *** face he makes on the sideline for too long. I'm done. It's pushed me to the point where I hate him and every single player on the sideline, and that's a shame. I've put all of my heart and passion into this team 16 weeksa year my entire life, and this is what they put out there. I feel for Andy Reid, but I don't care about his personal life anymore. If you're having such huge problems with you family, then take a leave of absence like any normal person would do with their job.

There are no excuses for not getting your job done, and Andy hasn't gotten the job done since 2010. He's making a mockery of himself, this organization, his players, and the city of Philadelphia.

Peace Andy, good to know ya. Go spend some time with your kids.
I myself am a diehard Eagle fan but the comments you make are just WOW. So called fans like you that act this way when times are tough is just crazy. So your life is that pathetic that you have to have other people (like the Eagles team) to succeed for you to be happy. Dude get a grip and go do something yourself instead of living through other people for there success. Your pathetic. GO EAGLES. Whatever happens with Reid i support it but you were great here and thanks for the great times.