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    Oct 2007

    Buy or Sell these guys for 2013 (non-keeper)?

    Who among these sleepers and young guys do you like? Feel free to post more.

    Eric Hosmer: Like
    Manny Machado: Like
    Yoenis Cespedes: Dislike
    Jason Heyward: Like
    BJ Upton: Dislike
    Danny Espinosa: Dislike
    Carlos Quentin: Like
    Jesus Montero: Like
    Hanley Ramirez: Like
    Berkman: Like
    J Kipnis: Dislike
    B Lawrie: Dislike
    Teheran: Like
    D. Holland: Dislike
    Shelby Miller: Like
    L. Chisenhall: Dislike
    James McDonald: Dislike
    Mike Minor: Like
    Ross Detwiler: Dislike

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    Nov 2007
    Milwaukee, WI for some reason.
    Eric Hosmer: No
    Manny Machado: Yes
    Yoenis Cespedes: Yes
    Jason Heyward: Yes
    BJ Upton: No
    Danny Espinosa: No
    Carlos Quentin: No
    Jesus Montero: 50/50
    Hanley Ramirez: Hurt
    Berkman: No
    J Kipnis: 50/50
    B Lawrie: 50/50
    Teheran: Love
    D. Holland: No
    Shelby Miller: No
    L. Chisenhall: 50/50
    James McDonald: No
    Mike Minor: Yes
    Ross Detwiler: No

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