Frank has said many times that he will play the guys that earn the minutes. Well, I really want to see how truthful he's going to be to that statement. I have watched much of the pre-season so far and I can tell you point blank that the WORST Pistons so far have been Charlie V and Daye. Both have been awful, and I even tried to give them some slack. Daye got some boards but he shot everytime he got a pass and he didn't make many. Same goes for Charlie and his defense and rebounding suck.

So if Frank is honestly going to go by production then you need to look no farther than playing Drummond/Slava at the Center spot, putting Monroe at the PF slot, and Knight at PG. After that, you have a lot of positives and you can mix and match but those four have earned their minutes already in my mind. I think at best Charlie V should be a fixture on the bench again without gauranteed minutes. I know that doesn't help us to trade him but he's just too bad to steal minutes from this young core we have now.