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I saw a poll a few years ago that was done for each team, and 31 of the 32 teams fans polled said their offensive line was poor . Every teams fans thinks their offensive line sucks. I keep seeing people complain we don't have a pass rush and we can't pass block. Our defense is 12th in the league sacks and our offense is 13th in the league in how few sacks we have given up, that is above average in both categories. Since Tannehill takes blame for nothing and gets credit for everything I am sure Dolphin fans will give all the credit to Tannehill for the lack of sacks. I have watched all the Dolphin games and enough of other teams games to where I feel the Dolphins line is blocking better than half the teams in the league.

We are missing a critical speed WR, and I also feel we are missing that pass catching TE, I am not a Fasano fan. However Bess and Hartline are excellent WR, they run great routes and Hartline finds ways to get behind the secondary. When I saw Moore winging the ball down the field for 3 1/2 quarters I kept wondering if Tannehill was just a better more talented version of Chad Henne including the choking of close games. People are also complaining about the play calling, how much of that is also on Tannehill changing at the line? He seems to audible often, and people are giving him great credit for the ability to audible, but they do not want to place blame for the fact that he may be making bad audibles. I personally like to give 3 seasons to a QB before coming to a full opinion, but these are things I am noticing in his first season and hope they will be corrected.

One thing I will say is if next season we do get that speed WR and Tannehill continues to dink all his passes I hope Dolphin fans get off his nuts.

P.S-I do think Tannehill has all the physical tools and he is playing better than what I expected from him this season. I just listed my concerns. I was concerned about a couple other things this season but they do not seem to be a major problem. I am still concerned about his ability for the game winning drive to end the game, but its still a little early to make that decision.
I'm not giving Tannehill a free pass, because I know he is making mistakes...he's a rookie. Bess and Hartline being possession WR's are not going to stretch the field, so everything becomes bunched together making passing windows smaller. If we had some speed receivers like Mike Wallace, DeSean Jackson for example...I believe Tanny would be much more successful. Brian Hartline and Bess may run great routes, but against top CB's they become non existant because they lack speed. What top rated CB's have Bess and Hartline light up this year? None!!! The offensive line is an issue, blocking is horrible. They kill drives with holding calls, because they are being beaten at the line of scrimmage, which comes from ineffective blocking. The Dolphins just don't have the playmakers and speed, and that is killing them.