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I don't remember saying anything about Flynn caring or not. Of course he does care though are you serious? Yeah he totally didn't want to start I'm sure. Lol.

You're fair weather fans, because you're only talking about the hawks because they're good now. One bad season and half this forum will be gone guaranteed. Some of you even have sigs with other teams on them. Some of you never were even in the Seahawks forum tell this season. That makes you fair weather fans. It's easy to jump on a bandwagon. I remember when we lost week 1 half of you acted like we were already done for the year.
You only come around to talk **** and knock Wilson. You are more negative than most people here.

We are happy to finally have a good team. I have always been a Hawks fan, but there is a difference between being a loyal fan, and a homer. When we win 4 games, Im not gonna go bragging about them. Even a 7 win team isnt something to be excited about.

But when we have something to be pumped about, we are gonna show it. Just back off man. Enjoy the success and get Flynns balls off your back