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...so when it comes to Hundley we should eliminate years so his over all numbers look better, but when it comes to Thole we should not eliminate what he did this year. ummm ok

Hundley blows as much as Thole and their careers numbers show period and am using the same arguments you have shown when killing Thole. Am not ignoring years to make one guy look better than the other. Those stats show what they are period and if you bashing one guy, then the other guy is not the answer because he sucks just as much.

wCR+ is parks adjusted, here are their OPS+

Thole 85
Hundley 91

Again Hundley is not superior to Thole and he is 3 years older which leads me to think that this is it with him, youth is not on his side.
Did I not eliminate 2012, where they both sucked??? Why is it wrong to exclude a player's rookie season for some? After that rookie year, Hundley has done above average for a catcher period from 2009-2011 with a .330 wOBA and 110+ wRC+ while Thole from 2010-2011 has a .314 wOBA and 97 wRC+.

You are also not giving credit for the fact that Hundley plays in Petco that suppresses power especially. So again, Hundley does not blow because you have said nothing to show that.

The reason again that Hundley sucked this year is because he had a bad knee, and for a catcher that is a killer. That is a valid excuse to dismiss this season, Thole has no such thing.

The one thing you can't debate is that Hundley has a higher upside and is a better fit for the Mets than Thole. He bats right-handed, can hit homers, and play good defense. It's not like the dude is gonna cost much of value since they got Grandal now.

Also you advocate getting Arencibia, but he has done nothing better than Hundley and may never will, even though he hits in a much hitter friendly ballpark.