4 out of his 5 years have been ****** period.

Josh Thole had a .327 wOBA, 103 wCR+ in 2010 and .307 wOBA, 94 wRC+ in 2011 and you and is 3 years younger and you are ready to say he is not even a major league catcher, so why are those numbers ok when Nick ****ing Hundley does it and mean nothing when Josh Thole does it?

In those 2 years Thole had a 2.5 WAR and Hundley in the 2 years you mention had a 2.1 WAR.

Last year Hundley managed a negative WAR, so please if you want to change a catcher at least mention a guy that is clearly better than the guy they have, Hundley is not that not even close.

That year by Hundley looks like an anomaly and nothing else he has done makes me think that he could duplicate that.