Second Round coming soon

1. Cleveland Browns- Matt Barkley, QB, USC- I think it is very realistic to see the Browns go 1-15 this year. Looking at their schedule, the Raiders look like the only realistic win unless they pull an upset or 2. If they go 1-15, the new ownership will probably clean house and start over. And new regimes usually mean new QBs. Weeden has not been as bad as people thought he'd be after week 1, but he is definitely not the future of this franchise. This pick is going to come down to Barkley and Geno Smith. Personally, I like Geno Smith better, but I feel like Barkley will still go #1. The only way this will change is if WV wins the NC.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars- Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia- The Jaguars will be getting rid of Gene Smith, and bringing in Geno. I went to the Jaguars-Bears game a week ago, and it is obvious that the Jaguars need some life. Those fans have no confidence in Blaine Gabbert, nor should they. They got their #1 receiver last year in Blackmon, and giving him a guy like Geno would be a great start to the future for the L.A. Jaguars.

3. Tennessee Titans- Jarvis Jones, DE/LB, Georgia- Now, people may say that Tennessee runs a 4-3, and Jarvis fits the 3-4, but it looks to me like Von Miller fits fine in a 4-3. Jarvis is the best defensive player in this draft, and Tennessee needs help on that side of the ball. Before beating Pittsburgh, they had given up 30+ to every team they played. A leader on defense in Jones will add a big spark to this team.

4. Kansas City Chiefs- Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas- The best thing for Tyler Wilsons draft stock was seeing how bad that team was without him. Kansas City needs QB help really bad. Matt Cassell is not the answer. In a division that is wide open every year, a franchise signal caller would be a good piece for a young KC team with solid weapons and a young defense.

5. Oakland Raiders- Jonathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State- If Al Davis were still alive, Jonathan Hankins would have been the pick yesterday. He would have found a way to end the season and get Hankins. Hankins is HUGE but also has some athleticism too. If Tyler Wilson would have fallen one more spot, he would be a Raider, as the Carson Palmer experiment has failed. Jonathan Hankins will add toughness to this Raiders D that needs something.

6. New York Jets- Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee- The Jets need help. Sanchez probably won't be around too much longer, but I don't think Tyler Bray is worth the 6th pick of the draft. Instead, they give Santebow a weapon to try to right the ship. There are 3 elite WR prospects; Woods, Allen, and Hunter, and the Jets grab the first one off the board. Hunter will add size to a Jets receiving core that has some guys better slotted for the inside in Kerley and Holmes, and Hill and Hunter will be good targets for any QB on the outside. He will step in where Chaz Schilens has stunk this year.

7. Carolina Panthers- Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah- After last year, it looked like Carolina was ready to take the next step. They drafter Kuechly, and they looked like they were heading up. And then this year started. Its obvious that Carolina is still a little while away, and a big plug in the middle of the defense is a good place to start. Whether Star or Hankins, the Panthers need to get something in the middle.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- David Amerson, CB, NC State- Aqib Talib and EJ Biggers are both in contract years, and although they could be brought back, Biggers still needs to be upgraded. This pick will come down to one of the 4 corners who could go in the first (Amerson, Banks, Rhodes, Milliner), so you could change this to any of them. Amerson is a ballhawk who recorded 13 INTs last year so he will add another piece to the Tampa secondary that added Mark Barron last year.

9. Indianapolis Colts- Barkevious Mingo, DE, LSU- There is a lot of speculation that Dwight Freeney may not be in Indy after this year, and either way they need to start thinking about a replacement. Mingo falls all the way to 9, and Indy gladly takes BPA. Corner is also a big need, so I wouldn't be surprised to see them taking 1 of the 3 corners left.

10. Buffalo Bills- Manti Te'o, LB, Notre Dame- The Bills need help. They need a QB, WR, another CB, but I think LB may be the biggest issue. 10 may be high for Te'o, but he is the leader of a Notre Dame team who is currently #7 in the country, and personally, I think he has the potential to be a big time MLB in this league. Buffalo needs an identity, and Te'o can give it to them defensively.

11. St. Louis Rams- Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M- With 2 firsts in this draft, the Rams use the 1st on the best OL in the draft. With the 2 picks in between theirs being NO and Det, I think that they will see it much more likely that one of them take Joeckel than a guy like Justin Hunter, so they will try to get Hunter at 14.

12. New Orleans Saints- Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU- Wow, what a crazy year it has been for the Saints. They need help defensively and Sam is the best player on the board arguably. If he is off the board at this point, look for them to take the best corner available.

13. Detroit Lions- Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida St- Detroit after making the playoffs last year, has had an awful start to this year. They will turn things around eventually, but either way they will still need secondary help. Xavier Rhodes is my favorite DB prospect in the draft, and he will fit in well with the toughness of the Lions D.

14. St. Louis Rams- Robert Woods, WR, USC- Woods will be a great addition to this Rams offense that needs playmakers. After drafting Brian Not So Quick and Chris Givens last year pretty high, it is time they focus on getting a true number 1. Woods, Hunter, and Allen could all be swapped at any point for any of the other 2, so if you like one better than the other dont worry they are being shifted around each week. I think all 3 though have potential to be as good or better than Blackmon, so the Rams need to take one of them if they want Bradford to succeed.

15. Miami Dolphins- Keenan Allen, WR, Cal- The 3rd of the elite set of receivers caps off at 15. Miami needs to add at least 1, preferably 2 receivers in this draft. Even though Brian Hartline has been playing well, he is better suited as a #2. Keenan Allen and Ryan Tannehill could be a serious combo for years to come.

16. Cincinnati Bengals- Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina- Although they have the Law Firm, they need an every down back, Since coming back from injury, Lattimore has been just as good as before, averaging almost 5 yards per carry. He is by far the best RB available this year, so that will help his stock even more.

17. Seattle Seahawks- John Jenkins, DT, Georgia- A big boy, Jenkins is a tough person to move at the line of scrimmage. Adding Bruce Irvin last year for the speed, this guy right here could help put together an impressive DL duo for years to come.

18. Dallas Cowboys- Barrett Jones, OL, Alabama- Barrett Jones could play any position on the line, and that is something Jerry Jones will like. Although it may be a little bit of a reach, if the Cowboys are going to continue with Tony Romo, they need to give him some protection.

19. Minnesota Vikings- Kawann Short, DT, Purdue- The surprise of they year Kawann Short goes to the surprise of the year the Minnesota Vikings. Kevin Williams is 33 and Short can play next to him until he moves on. Short has been very impressive early this year, and his stock will continue to rise much like Fletcher Cox last year.

20. San Diego Chargers- Jonathan Banks, CB, Mississippi St- San Diego has a need at corner, even without talking about the fact that Jammer is 33. Banks could have gone off the board at 8, so San Diego gets good value here.

21. Philadelphia Eagles- Chance Warmack, G, Alabama- If the Eagles are going to stick with Vick, they are going to need to protect him. Danny Watkins hasn't been very good this year, and Warmack is the best OL available. McShay rated him as a top 5 prospect going into the year, saying he was the best G he has rated since Hutchinson.

22. Denver Broncos- Eric Reid, S, LSU- I think this offseason for the Broncos will go into improving the middle of their defense (DT, MLB, S). Eric Reid becomes the first safety off the board. At 6'2 215 Reid is the next in line of LSU first round DBs. Denver found a player that will be able to play in the back of the defense for years to come.

23. Arizona Cardinals- Jake Matthews, OL, Texas A&M- I dont know if its good or bad for Arizona with the type of year they are having. I don't know if they are ready to be perennial Playoff Contenders, but at the same time it shows that they are a few pieces away. One of those is a solid OL. Jake Matthews is the best one available so Arizona pulls the trigger. He plays RT now but many people feel as though he can move over to the left side in the NFL.

24. Green Bay Packers- DeMarcus Milliner, CB, Alabama- The Packers need secondary help. S and Corner are needs, but there aren't any S worth this pick. I like Milliner better than Jefferson from Oklahoma, so I think Green Bay will pull the trigger on him.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers- Jackson Jeffcoat, DE/OLB, Texas- Jeffcoat will fit right in with this Steelers D. He brings toughness and energy and flies around the field. He gave Geno Smith a lot of problems in the WV Texas game, and he has been doing the same to every QB he has played. I could see his draft stock skyrocketing and putting him out of reach at this spot.

26. New England Patriots- Bjorn Werner, DE, Florida St- In typical NE fashion, they go BPA, which happens to be Werner who falls further than people expect. I could see NE reaching for someone like Tavon Austin here.

27. Chicago Bears- DJ Fluker, OL, Alabama- The 3rd Alabama OL to come off the board in this first round, DJ Fluker is going to be an excellent tackle. The Bears could easily be one of the most complete teams in the NFL, and a great OL would make them that much better. Good value here.

28. NY Giants- Taylor Lewan, OL, Michigan- This offseason, the Giants need to start upgrading that OL. They have been together for a long time, but they are also getting older together. I could see the Giants using multiple picks on OL in this draft.

29. Baltimore Ravens- Tony Jefferson, S, Oklahoma- Baltimore will need to start finding replacements for Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. They look like the may have Lewis' on the roster, but they will need to find Reeds. Jefferson or Vaccaro would both be good picks in this spot.

30. Atlanta Falcons- Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame- Tony Gonzalez could probably still play until he is 80, but this will probably be it. Even if it isn't, they need to find a guy to be his replacement. Eifert could be the next big time TE in this league, and Atlanta will give Matt Ryan another weapon to add to the leagues best weapon set.

31. Houston Texans- Terrence Williams, WR, Baylor- Another weapon for the Texans, Terrence Williams. Kendall Wright got a lot of the praise with RG3, but Williams was a big time threat also. He will be a nice addition to the Texans offense. I see Houston going OL if one of the ones above fall.

32. San Francisco 49ers- Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas- San Fransisco is an elite team, and a top notch Safety would make them unreal. Vaccaro is solid value here, the best defensive back on the board.