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    Happy Halloween! Rip Away

    1. Jaguars: Jarvis Jones LB Georgia
    2. Chiefs: Geno Smith QB West Virginia
    3. Panthers: Star Lotulelei DT Utah
    4. Browns: Sam Montgomery DE LSU
    5. Bills: Matt Barkley QB Southern Cal
    6. Titans: Bjoern Werner DE Florida State
    7. Jets: Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas
    8. Raiders: Jonathan Banks CB Miss State
    9. Cardinals: Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M
    10. Saints: Jonathan Hankins DT Ohio State
    11. Rams: Keenan Allen WR Cal
    12. Rams: Manti Te'o LB Notre Dame
    13. Chargers: Dee Milliner CB Alabama
    14. Colts: Barkevious Mingo DE/LB LSU
    15. Eagles: Taylor Lewan OT Michigan
    16. Bengals: Eric Reid S LSU
    17. Lions: Damontre Moore DE Texas A&M
    18. Bucs: John Jenkins DT Georgia
    19. Vikings: Justin Hunter WR Tennessee
    20. Cowboys: Chance Warmack OG Alabama
    21. Seahawks: Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee
    22. Dolphins: Robert Woods WR USC
    23. Broncos: Sylvester Williams DT North Carolina
    24. Steelers: Xavier Rhodes CB Florida State
    25. Ravens: Dion Jordan DE/OLB Oregon
    26. Patriots: Kawann Short DT Purdue
    27. Packers: Barrett Jones OL Alabama
    28. Bears: Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan
    29. 49ers: Jonathan Cooper OG North Carolina
    30. Giants: Jake Mathews OT Texas A&M
    31. Falcons: Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame
    32. Texans: Terrance Williams WR Baylor

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    works for me. Glad u dont see the jags going QB

    The Future Jacksonville Jaguars Offense


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    27. Packers: Barrett Jones OL Alabama

    Would be surprised if he's there. I guess he works since he could play LT or OC. I still want it cleared up more about what we'd want to do with him. You don't spend firsts on OC if you ask me.
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    Happy Halloween! Rip Away

    Why would rams pick manti?

    our future

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    In the Middle of the Map
    Geno! Geno! Geno!


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    Emmaus, PA
    Barring a career ending injury our OL is set in SF unless your talking future Center prospect which isn't a 1st round need for us right now.

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    While williams is a great talent, NT, RT, ILB and possibly OLB will be bigger needs imo
    The Most Epic Thread EVER
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