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    Top Ten Android Apps?

    I was just skimming through the market on my Galaxy Nexus and it made me think of this thread.

    Assuming a good portion of you have Android phones - What are you're top ten apps that you can't do without? I figure this will give me and hopefully the rest of you some great ideas for new app downloads. I'll start with mine:

    1. GO SMS
    2. Facebook
    3. AirDroid - Lets you manage your Android phone from your computer's browser.
    4. Chrome - Internet Browser
    5. ColorNote Notepad - Makes note taking and to-do list making easy
    6. Rocket Player - Best music player app that I've come across. Very polished.
    7. Pixlr-O-Matic - Great photo editing app. Very user friendly.
    8. Nova Launcher - Best replacement launcher out there. Nova + Jelly Bean makes your phone ridiculously responsive and snappy.
    9. Zedge - Best app I've found for downloading wallpapers, ringtones and notification sounds
    10. Google Voice - Best visual voice mail app that you can find.

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    Aug 2011
    AndFTP - Perfect for all of your FTP needs
    BetterBatteryStats - see what's causing wakelocks and wasting your battery, get rid of those horribly made apps
    Chrome - Faster then stock, still a little buggy
    Facebook -
    GO SMS Pro
    Root Explorer - To do special things...
    Terminal Emulator - To do special things...
    Titanium Backup - Freeze and delete system apps easily, backup your phone
    tTorrent Pro - Torrent downloader

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    Evernote - Syncing notes and task lists with every device I have
    WhatsApp - Messenger with group chat functionality
    Chrome - Better than stock Browser, quite like it
    Kindle App - ebooks, used mostly on my tablet, or for short commutes on the phone
    DropBox - Cloud Service, syncing documents on all devices
    ES Explorer - File Explore, allows you to browse files on a PC over WLAN
    Gmote - Allows you to control your PC / Mac over the Network, needs a small server app, has a touchpad and virtual keybord, and also a file browser and media controls.

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    Ian. Guest
    GoSMS pro, Zedge and Chrome are the ****.

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    Oct 2012

    My top ten android apps are

    WorldCard Mobile - Business Card Reader and Business Card Scanner
    Super Speed
    CamCard - Business Card Reader
    Angry Birds
    TuneIn Radio
    Words with Friends Free
    Titanium Backup

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    Orlando, FL
    I tried using Airdroid on my phone but it always says failed to connect, make sure device is connected to same wifi network. Any advice? I have a Nexus S upgraded to Jelly bean.

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    Oct 2012
    3- nfl rivals
    4-opera mini browser
    5- dolphin browser mini
    6- carpackage instruments
    7- adfree
    8- adobe reader
    9- wpa tester
    10- nfl gamepass

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