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The payroll is down $20 million from last year. We are spending less, but we are spending money correctly. Take off all the non productive players and you will see what I am talking about. Payroll is around $50 million now compared to$69 million last year.
Yeah I believe right now how it is constructed that they will be around 61-62 mill for 2013 with Swishers 11 mill added to the 50 mll that they are currently projected at with the Arb Eligible players still to sign which I believe are Joe Smith, Masty, CP, and Ubs as the major ones and then Hafners buyout and the 3.5 mill they sent to Cincy in the Choo trade. So they are still down from last year and could be even lower if they trade ACab or CP for prospects which I don't see them moving ACab anymore but possibly CP if the right package comes along like a Hanrahan deal. Might also keep him unless they think Cody Allen is ready to step into the Pestano role and Pestano the closer role.