Tribe in on everyone...but nothing gets done??? Sound familiar???

As a Tribe fan, I am ready for them to piss or get off the pot already!!!

What it seems to me is that the rest of the free agents are using the Tribe to get more money from a more desirable location. They know that the front office isn't capable of getting them to the Series. Again...until we get someone in the front office that is capable of evaluating talent, drafting to a B grade at worst, and showing fans that they are headed in the right direction...Cleveland will continue to be the market that free agents look to in order to increase their value for other teams who's front office shows a willingness to attempt to compete year in and year out.

Seattle sucks...but at least their front office is given money to spend in order to go after upper echelon talent...they aren't forced to always look to aging veterans that are on the downward side of their careers looking to cash in one last time.