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    VHL (Victory Hockey League) Player Simulation


    The Victory Hockey League (VHL) is a player simulation league where you are able to create a unique player of your own and compete with/against other members of the VHL (100% human). Creating a player is as easy as filling out a template, which takes you about two minutes (maybe up to five minutes if you have difficulty deciding on a player name, country, or position). After you post your player's template to our forum, you have a full career experience including drafts, minor leagues, trades, and free agency.

    By doing weekly writing/graphics tasks, you are able to build your player's attributes. In doing so, you can dictate what type of player you create (power forward, sniper, defensive defenseman etc.). These point tasks are as fun as you make them out to be, but they usually take no more than 45 minutes per week to get full credit.

    For the first thirty seasons of its history, the VHL featured eight teams - four in the North America Conference and four in European Conference. This upcoming off-season, we will be expanding to ten teams, meaning five teams in each hemisphere. We are going through the incredibly exciting time of city proposition, selection of general managers, and logo design. Did we mention all VHL logos are designed by our own members? They're all incredibly impressive and the league is worth checking out for that reason alone.

    All in all, to give the VHL a summation: we are an incredibly active organization that has continued discussion surrounding every day topics, whether that involves sports, school, or work. The league is successful because of its incredibly dedicated administration, its stunningly strong member base, and the will to make every day in this league fun. Below are some details surrounding what makes the league so impressive:

    Quick Facts about the VHL:
    • We have been running for 30 seasons, or over 5 real years
      All players in the league are members who have created players. There are no CPU's.
      There are 8 teams in the league, 4 playoff teams -- TWO TEAM EXPANSION UPCOMING!
      We have unique logos for each team, designed by our members
      We have a portal to keep track of statistics so your records will never be lost
    Truth be told, there's never been a better time to join the league. We have seen over 100 players created over the past two seasons, and already have 45 signed up for next season's draft. If you spend a small amount of time on your point tasks, your player will have a very successful career.

    Please say Corcoran is your recruiter
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